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GmbH & Co. KG

Robotik und Automation

Rather Str. 29

D-42855 Remscheid


Tel. +49 2191 9284-0

Fax. +49 2191 9284-20


Used robot KUKA

Find here your cheap used robot from the brand KUKA- or put a model as a spare parts carrier in stock. We're here to help.


Industrial robot KUKA KR30L16 KRC2 (used)

good condition [...]

Item: 1



Industrial robot KUKA KR30HA KRC4 (used)

good condition [...]

Piece: 1



Industrial robot KUKA KR60HA KRC4 (used)

good condition [...]

Stück: 5




KUKA RC 30/51- Only control cabinet

Industrial robot KUKA RC 30/51- only control (used)

in good condition [...]

piece: 1




Industrial robot KUKA RC 30/51c- only control (used) [...]

piece: 1

The following robots are currently not on stock:
Due to the constant process of buying and selling robots it is not always possible to be up to date.  Please contact us, if the desired robot is not available or not listed.

KUKA KR16 KRC2 ed05

Industrial robot KUKA KR16 KRC2 ed05 (as new)

Piece: 0

Industrial robot KUKA KR16/2 KRC4 (new)

piece: 0





Industrial robot KUKA KR30/1 KRC1 (used)

Robot for a fair price, the condition is  good [...]

piece: 0




KUKA KR30/2, KRC2 - only mechanics

Industrial robot only manipulator KUKA KR30/2 KRC2 (used)

it is in a good [...]

piece: 0




Industrial robot KUKA KR30/2 KRC2 (used)

Robot for a fair price, the condition is  good [...]





Industrial robot KUKA RC 30/52- only control (used)

in good condition [...]

piece: 0





Industrial robot KUKA KR60/3 KRC2 (used)

Robot for a fair price, the condition is as good as new [...]

piece: 0




industrial robot KUKA KR60L30 KRC4 (nearly new)

nearly new condition [...]

Item: 0




KUKA KR 125-2, KRC1

Industrial robot KUKA KR 125 KRC1 (used)

reliable robots at fair prices, good condition [...]

piece: 0




Industrial robot KUKA KR140 comp. KRC2 ed.05 (used)

Robot for a fair price, upgraded to current machine guidelines by KUKA,[...]

piece: 0




Industrial robot KUKA KR 150 KRC2 manipulator (used)

REPLACEMENT PART, good condition. Has run before dismantling. [...]

piece: 0




Industrial robot KUKA KR150 KRC2 (unused)

Robot for a fair price,good condition, and completely overhauled [...]

piece: 0




KUKA KR 150L/110, KRC2

Industrial robot KUKA KR 150L/110 KRC1 (used)

for a big reach, ideal for palettizing functions, good condition [...]

piece: 0




KUKA KR180L130, KRC2

Industrial robot KUKA KR180L130 KRC2 (used)

Robot for a fair price, the condition is  good [...]

piece: 0




KUKA KR 125L/90, KRC1

Industrial robot KUKA KR 125L/90 KRC1 (used)

for a big reach, ideal for palettizing functions, good condition[...]

piece: 0




KUKA IR360/125 RC30/51C

Industrial robot KUKA IR 360/125 KRC32 (used)

best price, good condition [...]

piece: 0




KUKA IR 364 10.0 RC30/51

Industrial robot KUKA IR 364 10.0 RC30/51 (used)

in good condition

piece: 0




KUKA IR 364/15, KRC32, RC30/52

Industrial robot KUKA IR 364/15 KRC32 (used)

best price, good condition [...]

piece: 0




KUKA IR 760/120, KRC32, RC30/51

Industrial robot KUKA IR 760/120 KRC32 (used)

reliable robots at fair prices, good condition [...]

piece: 0




Industrial robot arm extension for the KUKA KR125/2 KRC1

Industrial robot arm extension fits the KUKA KR125/2 KRC1 (used)

for a larger reach, good condition [...]

piece: 0



Is your desired robot currently not available or not listed? Please contact us!


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